Volunteer Opportunities


Lindsey and Katie at the Volunteer Registration Desk.

Lindsey and Katie at the Volunteer Registration Desk.

Use the form below to register as a volunteer for the 2018 Oldham Clinic. Please be sure to indicate in which area you would like to serve.

Our greatest need is for volunteer ADVOCATE-SHEPHERDS. Guests are paired with an advocate/shepherd who serves as a host and guide to ensure the guest(s) receive the services they most need on clinic day. The advocate-shepherd and the guest get to share their faith journey throughout the day, providing the second touch in the Touched Twice Clinic. There will be two opportunities for training for advocate-shepherds prior to the clinic.

See the list below for all volunteer opportunities. 



Volunteer Registration Form

The volunteer Release Waiver is listed below. Please review and acknowledge your acceptance of the terms by checking YES below. If you would like a printable version of the form- please click HERE.

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Volunteer Release Waiver

The Good Samaritan Understanding: The State of Kentucky offers immunity to good Samaritans, but sometimes negligence could result in a claim of negligent care if the injuries or illness were made worse by the volunteer’s negligence. Statutes typically do not exempt a good Samaritan who acts in a willful and wanton or reckless manner in providing care, advice, or assistance. Under the good Samaritan laws which grant immunity, if the good Samaritan makes an error while rendering emergency medical care, he or she cannot be held legally liable for damages in court. However, two conditions usually must be met: (1) the aid must be given at the scene of an emergency, and (2) if the “volunteer” has other motives, such as the hope of being paid a fee or reward, then the law will not apply.

If I accept the above and work for the Oldham Clinic on Aug. 25, 2018, I will not expect any organization with which I may work or be associated to be responsible or liable to me for any loss or damage to my property, and any personal injury or illness, or any other injuries to myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assignors. I hereby release LaGrange Baptist Church, the Kentucky Baptist Convention and its related agencies, local Baptist Association, Touched Twice United Ministries, Touched Twice United, and any employees of foregoing organizations as well as any representatives of any organizations or groups providing medical screening, vision screening, dental screening, chiropractic screening, developmental screening or other screenings available for any and all such claims and demands.

I also give my permission to be photographed/videoed during this event and these photographs and videos to be published.

The above information in this release form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that false information will be grounds for termination of volunteer service. I hereby acknowledge that I am willingly volunteering at The Oldham Clinic, and will not hold any other volunteer liable for my actions.


Advocate-Shepherd Team—Need Christ followers who will be partnered with guests and families for the entire duration of their visit at the clinic. The advocate-shepherd will lead the guest/family through the clinic and help them prioritize their physical and spiritual needs on clinic day.

Chiropractic Team—Need chiropractic professionals to examine, adjust and assist guests.

Clothes Closet Team—Need several volunteers prior to and on clinic day to set up and organize clothing and help guests “shop” on clinic day.

Dental Team—Need dentists and hygienists to provide exams and extractions for guests in need.

Evangelism Team—Need mature Christians to provide guidance to guests seeking a closer walk with the Lord.

Family Photo Team—Need several teenagers to assist in the printing and distribution of family photos.

Food Pantry Team—Need a team of individuals to coordinate distribution of food items to guests.

Haircuts Team—Need several licensed barbers and cosmetologists to cut hair in the clinic spa.

Massage Therapy Team—Need licensed massage therapists to provide table or chair massages to guests.

Medical Services Team—Needs general practitioners, pediatricians and nurses of various levels. Services provided include, blood pressure, blood sugar, school and sports physicals, hearing tests, flu shots.

Nail Polishing Team—Needs four to five volunteers to paint the nails of adults and children.

Prayer Team—Needs prayer warriors to bathe the clinic and its participants in prayer before, during and after the event. A prayer room will be an essential part of the Oldham Clinic.

Registration Team—Need several volunteers to register clinic guests and volunteers. The registration team is responsible for organizing the clinic forms, placing them on clipboards and numbering them as guests arrive. The registration team also serves as the exit team, collecting forms and organizing data.

Spanish Translator Team—Need many, many Spanish-speaking volunteers to assist guests either as advocate-shepherds or assigned to various clinic service areas. We can never have too many translators!

Vision Team—Need ophthalmologists, optometrists and non-medical volunteers to assist in vision testing and examinations of adults and children.